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Freak Dance prank down the streets of LA…

Trailer for the first improvised movie that the UCB ever made called Wild Girls Gone…

This Show Will Get You High finale

FOOD NAZI from Upright Citizens Brigade

The Upstager

Wake & Bake Listen
This is a jingle that I wrote for a strain of buddah called “Morning Glory” which is for waking and baking.

Video Game In A Cloud Listen
My favorite musical is Le Miz. I used it as inspiration for a song I wrote about video game addiction.

Tale of the Double Z’s Listen
This song is about a friend of mine who died when he drowned in a giant pair of breasts.

Junkie Stole My GnR Listen
One time a junkie robbed my apartment and out of all the electronic shit and thousands of CDs all he took was my best old school metal and a little punk. Never trust a junkie.

Bjork Song Listen
If you’ve never seen Bjork fight the paparazzi in the airport then you should look it up. Under her fairy façade there is a psycho killer. That’s why I love her.

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