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Why did it take so long? Finally a podcast about marijuana called “Smoke Me Up“. It’s being hosted by the super cool Starburns network. We review at least one new strain a week, and then we do our Highly Recommends of films, tv, and music we’re consuming while consuming. We tour cannabis grows, road trip to review dispensaries, and interview budtenders. Mostly we’re making each other laugh, so join in every Monday when we release a new SMOKE ME UP potcast with Matt Besser, Jon Gabrus, and Horatio Sanz.

If you’re in the cannabis industry and would like to be on the show write me at or contact me on Twitter.

This is a new potcast so tell all your stoners buds in time for 420…

spread the word to all your stoner buddies, Smoke Me Up potcast is on the air!
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