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-The Bucket of Truth
-Poo Stick
-Saigon Suicide Show
-Power Marketing
-Childrens Revolution
-The Story of the Toad
-The Lady of the Lake
-Time Machine
-The Little Donny Foundation


Every day for over a year, Matt Besser answered around a dozen “wrong number” phone calls made to his apartment. These strangers believed that they were calling a technical
support operator in Houston, Texas, but actually, they had neglected to dial the 1 before the area code. Instead of instructing his fellow Manhattanites of the honest mistake they had made, he decided to help them with their computer problems and to record these phone calls. Just to make sure that what goes around comes around. And remember, they called him.

  1. What are we talking about?
  2. Lesbian Download
  3. Last Day on the Job
  4. Who Farted at Costco?
  5. Boring
  6. Car Wreck
  7. Jimmy Stewart
  8. Automated Operator
  9. Bjork
  10. Trivia Contest for the Grandfather Alarm Clock
  11. Phrase It Right
  12. Hook Up With Jesus
  13. Christmas Questions
  14. My Four Supervisors
  15. I’m Sick
  16. Yankees Number
  17. Flirting
  18. Cock Ring Part II
  19. Who Farted? Part II
  20. Trivia Contest Part II
  21. Shut Down

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Cover art by Peter Bagge

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