Upcoming live dates – improv4humans tour / festival dates



SXSW 2017

Sunday March 12 – Asssscat (Horatio Sanz, Matt Walsh, Shaun Diston, Jess McKenna, Jon Gabrus +TBD)- Esther’s 8pm

Sunday March 12 – 420 Show with Matt Besser – (Horation Sanz, Scott Thompson, Abbi Jacobson, Lisa Trager) – The Hideout – 11pm

Monday March 13 – improv4humans - (Horatio Sanz + TBD) Esther’s 6pm

*tweet @mattbesser if you’re having problems getting info on these shows

**if you have a festival you want to see i4h at, let us know adair@uprightcitizens.org or tweet @mattbesser

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