improv4humans w/ Matt Besser

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I have a podcast that features improv comedy done a lot like the UCB’s flagship improv show, “Asssscat”.
I have a goal to make it the best comedy podcast in the universe. We can only do it with your help. Listen, subscribe, rate, spread the word, and keep being humon…

Improv4humans has been recognized by as one of the best comedy podcasts!

2nd year of our nation improv contest, to win a trip to the Del Close Marathon in NYC, has been won by Can’t Tell Us Nothing from Houston! Enter your group next year…

Paste Magazine recently wrote this article listing our 14 best episodes.

Huffpost review of our MOPES trilogy with Jon Gabrus, Jess McKenna, and Eugene Cordero.

Splitsider Article about our music episodes.

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Check out one of our newest music episode with guest LUCERO

Lucero graphic

Rolling Stone magazine put us in their Top 20 best podcast list

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Our latest narrative experiment is called MOPES starring Eugene Cordero, Jon Gabrus, & Jess McKenna

Here is the latest 4/20 episode

latest Best of i4h

200th Episode

300th Episode

the WHIPLASH episode with Armen

This one was Live from Bumbershoot and we got into a fight with a heckler

Amy Poehler was on i4h recently.
Andy Daly returned to the show on this one.
And Matt Walsh debated John Gemberling on bestiality on this one.

MUSIC episodes…
Ryan Bingham

Best of Music Vol. 1

Best of Music Vol. 2

Best of Music Vol. 3

Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon.

Listen to the Best of improv4humans Volume 1

We take suggestions off twitter, so follow me @mattbesser

Want improv4humans to come to your town or festival please contact UCBtourco and give me the heads up at

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