Upcoming live dates – improv4humans tour / festival dates



improv4humans LIVE at Now Hear This podcast festival

with Wild Horses!!!

Saturday October 29 , 10:00am-11:30am

Anaheim, California

*tweet @mattbesser if you’re going to be at any of these shows

**if you have a festival you want to see i4h at, let us know adair@uprightcitizens.org

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SEESO renews The UCB Show for Season 2 + licenses “Thank You Del”

Another good reason to get Seeso is they just picked up our variety show for a second season and now you can see our Del Close documentary there.
Seeso is now available on Amazon Prime and coming soon to other platforms.
We were on CHARLIE ROSE SHOW to promote the documentary and the Del Close Marathon.

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Seeso: The UCB Show & my new standup special “Besser Breaks the Record”

Besser Breaks the Record” is my newest comedy special where I attempt tp break every comedy record in the world in an effort to defeat my comedy nemesis Ivan Krushnev Jr.

Now available in its audio version on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.
The CD will be available in all retail stores and the UCB STORE on-line, on 3/25

The full video special is now available on Seeso.com plus…
The UCB Show is a variety show series (8 episodes) we shot at the new UCB Theater on Sunset in Hollywood. It is literally the best acts on stage at our theater in 2015. See the stars of tomorrow and some of your long time favorite UCBers too (James Adomian, Andy Daly, Betsy Sodaro, Scott Aukerman, Seth Morris, need I go on?).

Besser Breaks the Record is a standup special which I can’t wait for everybody to see. It’s my first special that I’ve really focused on since Woo Pig Sooie wasn’t a planned album and The 6 Most Important Sets in the History of Standup was a compilation of performances.

Beyond my projects Seeso will have exclusive rights to both Monty Python and Kids in the Hall, and now most of the 3 season of the UCB sketch show from Comedy Central! Wow, that’s worth the price of adimission right there. Speaking of price it’s only $3.99 a month!

Seeso is has become available on more and more platforms like Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Prime, and soon coming to new Apple TVs.

New York Times article on Seeso and our projects.

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“Arkippiana” – new short film

I made a short film about a weird town on the border of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana called Arkippiana.

It is streaming for free on go90 which is an app you can get on your phone. Like I said, FREE and easy.

It stars me, Horatio Sanz, Drew Tarver, Hillary Matthews, and Betsy Sodaro.

It’s only 17 minutes long, FREE, and I’m really proud of it so please check it out!

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Besser Vs. Audience on HOWL.FM

I have a new podcast show called BESSER vs. AUDIENCE on Howl.FM which is part of Earwolf podcast network.
6 episodes!

I usually fuck with the Asssscat audience before the shows on Sunday. I do surveys and we have some fun in a way which I hope is a little unique.

• Go to Howl.fm and click start free trial.
• Create an account.
• Once you reach checkout, input the promo code BESSER which will give you 1 month free.

Also the entire improv4humans archives will be on HOWL.

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some of my stuff to buy

new improv4humans t-shirt by comic book artist Bob Fingerman…
Bob Fingerman shirt
buy at Earwolf store

my newest standup special “Besser Breaks the Recordaudio
full video special on Seeso.com
Audio version of my special available on Amazon, itunes, and the CD available on UCB Store.

Upright Citizens Brigade: Season 3 – the sketch show, yes the DVD, finally available…

The Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual – yeah, that book I won’t shut up about

Freak Dance the sketch musical film I wrote and co-directed. I even sing a couple of songs in it!

May I Help You Dumbass? CD – prank calls I did on people who called me…dumbasses

…and my two standup albums easy to get-> just look right to your right over here-> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Inside the Master Class: Whiplash

Also featuring my muse Armen is the Christmas Carol edition of improv4humans

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In Search of Miracle Man – Adult Swim infomercial parody

Rich Fulcher and I have been in search of the Miracle Man for a long time.
We made a special with Abominable Pictures that aired on Adult Swim.
Rich and I hope to raise enough money to buy an island for Miracle Man to live on. Also special support from Steve Agee.

“In Search of Miracle Man”

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Hotwives of Orlando on HULU now

This is a really funny web series that I’m in. I’m the husband of one of the hot wives (my wife, Danielle Schneider!)…

Watch on HULU now

A parody of one of the most popular franchises in reality television, “The Hotwives of Orlando,” takes you inside the uber-exclusive and glamorous world of six hot housewives livin’ large in Central Florida’s sexiest city, Orlando. The show follows a cast of ladies as they fight over pretty much everything except for their love of shoes, plastic surgery, and the pursuit of spending all of their husbands’ money. The first season focuses on Tawny St. John (portrayed by Casey Wilson), Shauna Maducci (Danielle Schneider), Phe Phe Reed (Tymberlee Hill), Veronica Von Vandervon (Andrea Savage), Crystal Simmons (Angela Kinsey), and Amanda Simmons (Kristen Schaal).

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improv4humans w/ Matt Besser – Rolling Stone’s “Best Comedy Podcast Right Now” list

I have a podcast that features improv comedy done a lot like the UCB’s flagship improv show, “Asssscat”.
I have a goal to make it the best comedy podcast in the universe. We can only do it with your help…

Rolling Stone magazine put us in their Top 20 best podcast list


We have a new i4h tshirt with a very sexy robot lady!

MUSIC episodes…
Ryan Bingham

Best of Music Vol. 1

This one was Live from Bumbershoot and we got into a fight with a heckler
Here’s our third Best of I4H
Amy Poehler was on i4h recently.
Andy Daly returned to the show on this one.
And Matt Walsh debated John Gemberling on bestiality on this one.

Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon.

Listen to the Best of improv4humans Volume 1

We take suggestions off twitter, so follow me @mattbesser

Want improv4humans to come to your town or festival please contact UCBtourco and give me the heads up at adair@uprightcitizens.org

If you like the show make sure to subscribe and tell your cousin in Alabamy.

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