Upcoming live dates – improv4humans tour / festival dates


Sing-a-long Improv4humans Experiment #7
LIVE at the Inner Sanctum cafe at UCB Sunset, Friday April 27 at 8pm
audience sings-a-long to popular songs and we improvise!
starring Jess McKenna, Zach Reino, Joe Wengert, TBD + surprise guests!


Asssscat at Carnegie Hall
Thursday June 28, 2018

These tickets are now on sale. Get the cheap ones while you can!
There will be more announcements soon that will make these tickets go quick, so don’t wait until then.


I’m taking my 420 show on the road to rocky mountain high, Colorado!!!

July 5 – Fort Collins – TBA
July 6 – Denver – TBA
July 7 – Colorado Springs – TBA
July 8 – Boulder – TBA

*tweet @mattbesser if you’re having problems getting info on these shows

**if you have a festival you want to see i4h at, let us know, and let that festival know! adair@uprightcitizens.org or tweet @mattbesser

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Professor Besser is now a Patreon podcast

Besser Comedy Advice #1-6

Hi humons, I am Matt Besser, host of the comedy podcast, improv4humans with Matt Besser, and co-founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade.

I’ve done a bit of improv, sketch, standup, and sitcom work so hopefully my experiences can be helpful to your chosen comedy path.

Episode one, I talk about things like…Is there such thing as “having what it takes”? How do you approach your first times on stage performing?
Some of the basics of getting into standup. A good Judd Apatow story. He was the MC the first time I did standup.

Episode two, This episode I talk about decisions I made in choosing which city to start finding my comedy voice. Also how I realized that standup and improv have vastly different paths of education. Difference between hearing a note and actually understanding it. I respond to arguments about “finding the game” getting too much/too little importance in improv. And I had some thoughts on the new history book “Improv Nation”, plus my opinion on honoring the first suggestion.

Episode three, This episode I respond to the piece written in the Chicago Reader “Worst Of” issue by hack standup Peter John Byrnes entitled…
“Why improv is neither funny nor entertaining, according to a stand-up comedian”
I also answer an email question about performing improv from a wheel chair.

Episode four, Using “truth in comedy”. Don’t undervalue it, or OVER-value it. Discussion about ways to do standup and sketch using truth and NOT using it. An Amherst student interviews me with some great questions about how one can use “connections” to get ahead in the arts worlds whether it be comedy or some other art form. Also how to get from inspiration to “writing it all down”. I comment on the some topics I read on the /improv Reddit including how to get unstuck in a scene; short form vs. long form; and some comments about my last Patreon episode concerning the hack standup from Chicago.

Ep. Five – “Floats Your Boat”
- the cult of improv – there are some
- the many paths to doing improv on stage
- are comedy theaters “cliquey”?
- funny leads to fun more than vice versa
- do you need to be clever to be funny?
- reasons for the new UCB Academy
- following the game at the expense of everything else in the scene?

Ep. Six – “Harold Don’t Lie!”
- Harold haters hate second beats “Do you have what it takes to take it to the second beat?”
- “There’s no foolin’ Harold!”
- condensing game to one sentence & sketch title exercises
- respect the initiator
- my first character Ice Cream Martyr born at the Theatre of the Bizzare
- two standup sets: alt & mainstream
- adjust to your audience – story from Gathering of the Vibes
- bad straight man work just looks like arguing

$1 an episode.

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improv4humans w/ Matt Besser

I have a podcast that features improv comedy done a lot like the UCB’s flagship improv show, “Asssscat”.
I have a goal to make it the best comedy podcast in the universe. We can only do it with your help. Listen, subscribe, rate, spread the word, and keep being humon…

2nd year of our nation improv contest, www.contest4improv4humans.com to win a trip to the Del Close Marathon in NYC!

Paste Magazine recently wrote this article listing our 14 best episodes.

Huffpost review of our MOPES trilogy with Jon Gabrus, Jess McKenna, and Eugene Cordero.

Splitsider Article about our music episodes.

i4h mugs

improv4humans merch

Check out one of our newest music episode with guest LUCERO

Lucero graphic

Rolling Stone magazine put us in their Top 20 best podcast list


Get an improv4humans t-shirt with logo or the sexy robot

Our latest narrative experiment is called MOPES starring Eugene Cordero, Jon Gabrus, & Jess McKenna

Here is the latest 4/20 episode

latest Best of i4h

200th Episode

300th Episode

the WHIPLASH episode with Armen

This one was Live from Bumbershoot and we got into a fight with a heckler

Amy Poehler was on i4h recently.
Andy Daly returned to the show on this one.
And Matt Walsh debated John Gemberling on bestiality on this one.

MUSIC episodes…
Ryan Bingham

Best of Music Vol. 1

Best of Music Vol. 2

Best of Music Vol. 3

Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon.

Listen to the Best of improv4humans Volume 1

We take suggestions off twitter, so follow me @mattbesser

Want improv4humans to come to your town or festival please contact UCBtourco and give me the heads up at adair@uprightcitizens.org

If you like the show make sure to subscribe and tell your cousin in Alabamy.

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UCB Chelsea – R.I.P.

360 Photos of UCB Chelsea

Vanity Fair article

New York Times article

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STOLEN IDEA: a punk rock musical

Available NOW on stitcherpremium

Act ONE available right now streaming on Earwolf here

STOLEN IDEA is a comedy punk rock musical that covers the theft of intellectual property in the artistic worlds of music and comedy. The story follows a standup comedian and a rock musician who are both approaching 40 and are fearful their time to “make it” is running out. One has his idea stolen, the other steals an idea.

Only the ghosts of Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell can help them now!


Book by Matt Besser

Music by Bobby Matthews

Lyrics by Matt Besser & Bobby Matthews

Produced by Brett Morris

“Stolen Idea” features performances by James Adomian (“Trump vs. Bernie”), John Gemberling (“Broad City”), Virginia Matthews (“Mömandpöp”), Paul Rust (“Love”), Scott Aukerman (“Comedy Bang! Bang!”), Harris Wittels (“Parks and Recreation”), Mike Cassady (“Drunk History”), Mike Still (“Broken”) and Danielle Schneider (“Bitch Sesh”).


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“Arkippiana” – short film

I made a short film about a weird town on the border of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana called Arkippiana.
It stars me, Horatio Sanz, Drew Tarver, Hillary Matthews, and Betsy Sodaro and is directed by The Nix Brothers!


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The UCB Show Season 2 on Seeso.com

Season 2 of The UCB Show is now on Seeso.com. This time I host a little bit more, do some standup and character interviews. I really think you’re going to like it. Some really fucking funny acts. You can try out Seeso free for a month, so check it out.

Article with Ian Roberts and I talking about the new season.

Another good reason to get Seeso is they just picked up our variety show for a second season and now you can see our Del Close documentary there.
Seeso is now available on Amazon Prime and coming soon to other platforms.
We were on CHARLIE ROSE SHOW to promote the documentary and the Del Close Marathon

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Andy Richter’s Home for the Holidays – December 20 on Seeso

You guys are going to love this!
Eva Anderson, Richter, and I put this together with many of your favorite comedians Seth Morris as Bob Ducca, Jon Daly as Sappity Tappity, Eddie Pepitone as Santa, Lauren Lapkus as Andy’s wife, Betsy Sodaro as Andy’s mom, and me as BJORK!!!
Also Andy’s Son (MOOKIE BLAIKLOCK), Andy’s Sister (DIONA REASONOVER), Piano Playing Uncle (MIKE CASSADY), Red Sandwich (ERIC HOFFMAN), Michelle Obama (EGO NWODIM) and Talking Gift (ALLAN MCLEOD).

It’s a variety show in the style of the ones from the 70′s when Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton would host a show from their homes.
Once again I must say, you should check out SEESO.com!

home for the holidays

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my standup special “Besser Breaks the Record” on Seeso, Amazon, and iTunes

Besser Breaks the Record” is my newest comedy special where I attempt tp break every comedy record in the world in an effort to defeat my comedy nemesis Ivan Krushnev Jr.

Now available in its audio version on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.
The CD will be available in all retail stores and the UCB STORE on-line, on 3/25

Besser Breaks the Record is a standup special which I can’t wait for everybody to see. It’s my first special that I’ve really focused on since Woo Pig Sooie wasn’t a planned album and The 6 Most Important Sets in the History of Standup was a compilation of performances.

Besser Breaks the record

Seeso is has become available on more and more platforms like Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Prime, and soon coming to new Apple TVs.

New York Times article on Seeso and our projects.

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Besser Vs. Audience on HOWL.FM

I have a new podcast show called BESSER vs. AUDIENCE on Howl.FM which is part of Earwolf podcast network.
6 episodes!

I usually fuck with the Asssscat audience before the shows on Sunday. I do surveys and we have some fun in a way which I hope is a little unique.

• Go to Howl.fm and click start free trial.
• Create an account.
• Once you reach checkout, input the promo code BESSER which will give you 1 month free.

Also the entire improv4humans archives will be on HOWL.

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